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Central Family, 

This is an unprecedented time with so many unknowns. We initially closed our doors due to medical and safety reasons as we honored the government guidelines and sought to be good shepherds of our flock. Understandably, while there are multiple opinions regarding the medical reasons and how quickly we should get back to “normal”, we continue to adhere to Romans 13 and follow the recommendations of our governmental leaders. As of this writing, not much has changed in Phase 1, other than we can actually physically go eat in restaurants (or 25% of us can!). However, we know that those recommendations will gradually change and restrictions on gatherings will be loosened. 

So, based upon what we know, this is what we are planning: 

May 10 & 17: We will have an online only service, just as we have the last few months. 

May 24 & 31: There will be an online service posted at 9:00 AM, as well as offering an Outside Service on Central’s campus at 10:00 AM. If individuals feel comfortable, they can bring their chairs or blankets and sit outside with social distancing. We will also have the ability to transmit the service by FM radio for those who wish to remain in their cars. There will be only one service on campus. 

June 7: If restrictions lessen, we will transition inside the sanctuary, following government recommendations for group size. Which, at a minimum, would include: 
• Social distancing measures, personal hygiene – to include having hand sanitizing stations available and cleaning of our facilities before, in-between and after each service.
• Since it is impossible to keep little ones socially distant, Central Kids will not be open, and families will worship together for a period of time.
• Offering can be given online or by dropping it in the offering boxes or as collected at the doors after service. We will not be passing the offering baskets.
• Pre-packaged self-serve communion will be available as you enter the Worship Center.
• We strongly encourage you to smile and wave rather than shaking hands or hugging.
• The front doors will be propped open.
• Individuals welcome to wear masks, if they desire.

By following these guidelines, we will be able to slowly get back to some semblance of normal as we move forward. Please keep in mind, this is all written in pencil with a big eraser. If the recommendations change or vary, so may our plans!

We continue to see blessings from God during this time. We are having decisions for Jesus, including baptisms, our online services are reaching people we have not previously, and our members have continued to be faithful by giving financially thus blessing individuals and local ministries with their generosity. God is faithful!

We are doing our best to balance keeping you safe, with the desire and need for our church family to worship TOGETHER. Please be patient and respectful of others as we navigate this time together. We love you and look forward to seeing you soon!

Dan Kuhn, Executive Pastor

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