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Next-Gen Campaign

We see a future filled with God’s hope, His power and the opportunity to see the next generation transformed. The vision He’s given us is massive but we are stepping out in faith to build for that future and we won’t stop, lose heart, or give up!


Has Been Raised To Date

The project estimate is approximately $150,000. $30,000 was donated to kick start the Next-Gen Campaign;  leaving a need of only $120,000 for the expansion of Central Kids. We’re asking you to prayerfully consider donating over and above your regular tithe to invest in the Kids Ministry Expansion.


The Vision

The Kids Ministry vision at Central is to partner with parents to lead kids into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Simply put, we want to grow kids in Christ.

It has been said that if you want to change the world, change the life of a child. The family and the church are the catalyst for that change. Kids need other Godly influences in their life alongside their parents. They need the church, and together we have a responsibility to lead them. The window of opportunity that a person is most open to the gospel of Jesus Christ, is between the ages of 5-13. Less than 6% of people make a decision for Christ after the age of 13.

When we first moved into “The Backyard” almost six years ago, elementary ministry averaged approximately 25 kids, preschool ministry averaged approximately 15 kids, and the nursery averaged approximately 5. Most Sundays we would close the infant nursery door and turn off the lights because there were very few families at Central with babies. Today, we are excited to see and welcome new families coming to Central almost every week. We regularly have over 100 kids and that is not our max number. Our prayer was always to outgrow the kid’s area and we are at that point.

The building – It isn’t just a building, it’s also a tool. It’s a place where kids can feel secure as they are greeted and cared for by loving, dedicated volunteers who faithfully serve week after week. A place where they can discover more about who God is, that God made the world, that He is big enough to calm a storm and able to take care of them too. A place where kids can find friendship and belong, a place where they can know they are made in the image of God, and a place where they can be loved and know that they are loved by a great big God.

The Plan

With the new nursery space, we will be able to care for 30 more precious little ones between the two services. Our nursery ministry is about way more than childcare. It is where the foundation is laid for a child to enter into a relationship with Jesus.

The current nursery space will be renovated to allow us to expand our ministry area for elementary aged children. Specifically, our goal and prayer is to develop preteen ministry space for our 4th – 5th grade students and their growing needs.

With the expansion of the elementary area, we will be able to serve an increased number of approximately 80 children between both services.

Have Questions About The Campaign?

We Take The Financial Integrity Of This Project Very Seriously

Your generosity is being treated with the utmost respect and care. Our highest priority is to maximize the impact of your contribution by exercising wise and prudent planning as well as minimizing our exposure to debt in the overall scope of our project.

What Happens To Your Contribution?

What Happens to your donations to the Campaign? Every donation that we receive is placed into a separate account that has been created specifically to manage to funding of the Campaign. At no time will your Campaign contribution be placed into the general operating budget of the church. We realize that some donors may wish to remain anonymous. If that is your wish please contact our office at 352-622-1119 and we will make sure that your wishes are respected.

Will The Church Take Out A Loan?

It is the strong desire of the leadership at Central to incur as little debt as possible. This is why we have been so diligent to steward the fundraising portion of the Campaign so carefully. While we cannot say definitively that we will not take a loan out, our heart is to raise the maximum amount of capital possible so as not to saddle the next generations at Central with debt. We are working very hard to ensure prudent planning, patient progress and financial stability.