Pulling Weeds

Have you ever noticed that weeds grow everywhere even in the most inhospitable climate and location? How’s that possible? I mean, I was working in my yard the other day and noticed that a small weed had begun growing through a tiny, I mean a tiny pinhole in the concrete sidewalk. What’s up with that – weeds will take advantage of any crack and crevice! And speaking of yards, two owners ago the yard of our home was beautiful (according to our neighbors) but then the owner immediately prior to us did absolutely nothing, I mean nothing and we inherited a yard of literally nothing but weeds. Now how is that possible, just a few years ago the yard was beautiful but thru a few years of neglect all that was left was weeds and more weeds. And the more I think of it, for many of us, doesn’t this describe our walk with God. I mean we’re doing well – the spiritual yard of our heart is pristine but then thru neglect, often times unintentional, we find ourselves up to our knees in weeds, and it all begins with one small pinhole in our soul – that’s when Satan takes advantage of us. And before we know it the weeds of anger, envy, jealousy, strife, discord, resentment, anxiety and frustration have overtaken us – now, how’s that possible? It’s possible because many of us nonchalantly meander our way thru our spiritual life and walk with Jesus! And before we know it our spiritual life is all in weeds! Anyone there?! Friends, true healing begins with pulling the weeds! So, let me ask this – what weeds do we need to pull today in order to begin healing? Pulling weeds so that the spiritual yard of our soul can once again grow and flourish! Ponder this from Psalm 92:7-8 NLT, “Though the wicked sprout like weeds and evildoers flourish, they will be destroyed forever. But you, O LORD, will be exalted forever.” Keep the faith friends – Doug

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