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Student Ministry 21 Days of Prayer

21 Day Prayer Challenge

Student Ministry 21 Days of Prayer

What is the definition of a habit? The dictionary defines the word, “Habit” as something that is a regular practice or tendency that is hard to break. As people we have good habits, and we have bad habits, however it’s much easier to pick up a bad habit than develop a good one.

At Central Students we have decided that we want our students to make prayer a daily habit. Science has told us that it takes roughly 21 days to of doing the same thing to develop a habit, and so that is why we have created our Student Ministry 21 Day Prayer Challenge.

This prayer challenge is an all encompassing devotional and prayer time for a full 21 days. This challenge is specifically geared towards teaching people how to pray, and gives very precise answers to the question, “What do I pray for?”…So often that question prevents us from praying, however during this challenge there are no questions, it’s just up to you to put in the work to develop a good habit of prayer.

Although this challenge is for students, adults can definitely benefit from it as well. It’s our hope that this 21 Day Prayer Challenge revolutionizes your prayer life, and grows you closer to Christ. To view the challenge, click the link below…

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