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KIDS + MISSIONS // Life of Hope

KIDS + MISSIONS // Life of Hope

Over the past 6 months our Central Kids offering has been going to support two kids in Guatemala. We have been supporting these kids through Life of Hope Ministries. Life of Hope Ministries is a non-profit Christian organization that that is based in Guatemala.


You know, a lot of times, I think when God wants to give us a new perspective on life, He has us stop for a week and walk in the shoes of someone else. Over the past year, our kids at church have been raising money to sponsor two sponsor kids through the Life of Hope Ministries, and every single week, they bring their money and they give that to our two sponsor kids. Well, recently, I was able to go over to Guatemala, and I was able to meet our two sponsor kids and get to know them on a personal level. Life of Hope does an incredible job at being personal and at loving the people in Guatemala. It was really evident that they have a heart for the lost and that they really care for those who are hurting.

When I was there, I got to meet our two sponsor kids. And first, I got to meet Maria, our girl that we sponsor, and let me tell you, she was such a joy. It was clearly evident that she knew she was valued by both people and that she was valued and cherished by God. She was just so joyful, and that’s what I really thought was incredible, that she spends enough time with the ministry partners there, learning about her worth, you know? That people care about her to give her food, to take care of her, to teach her, and to show her that God loves her. And so after I met her, I met Eswin, the little boy that we sponsor, and he was such a little joy as well. And I got to go around on the playground with him and he was playing like he was Spider-Man and he was jumping off of stuff, and it was just so amazing to see the joy that was also so evident in him.

And so then coming back, it was incredible to see that perspective of these kids who barely have anything physically, but then they’re just so full of joy because they know that they’re valued, both by people at their church and in their schools, and then they know they are also valued by God, that He loves them, that He cares for them. And even though that a lot of these kids, they come from broken homes where they don’t have a good family structure, they still know that they have worth in God. And that’s something I think that all of us can learn from them, that it doesn’t matter what kind of house we have or how much money we have. We can find our worth and our value in God because God loves us so much. And so every penny and dollar that our kids raise and give to our sponsor kids, they’re doing more than just buying them clothes and food. They’re raising next generation leaders who will make a difference in Guatemala.

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